Marianna Simnett

Blood in My Milk, 2018

Blood in My Milk is a film and sound installation by Marianna Simnett. In her film-, light-, and sound-based work, Simnett makes use of narrative structures and fantastical modes of storytelling, like fables, to guide a cast of characters through events that expose the subtle mechanics of violence and control that surround us.

Composed of multi-channel edits of four of Simnett’s most important works—The Udder (2014), Blood (2015), Blue Roses (2015), and Worst Gift (2017)— Blood in My Milk is a survey of her filmic universe and a continuation of her ongoing investigation of anxieties around the body and the self. Experienced as a single storyline unfolding across five screens, this work chronicles Simnett’s exploration of organs, body parts, and infection through the lens of medical treatment and procedures.